The Ripple Effect 

Tuesday, April 30, 2002 5:01 PM

    Just a short and sweet note.  Had never heard of you before, until this 
past March when I went to the Country Peddlar show in Arlington Texas and 
have already been inspired just from the website, trip etc.

I believe 98 % of the population are procrastinators. Without you even 
knowing it you have inspired me instead of just saying oh well, it wasn't 
meant ot be.  I am 52 and turn 53 on May 27.  I am a Registered Nurse and 
recently applied to a local University.  I received a letter of denial for 
acceptance a the University, last semester with the opportunity to appeal 
the decision.  Ordinarily I would have said, " Forget it"  Just reading and 
learning about you from your web site, sparked that go after it babe! and I 
sent my letter of appeal.  I received a second letter of denial and decided 
to contact the University and speak to a real person on the other end.

My good gravy! If you can instill that motivation and encouragement without 
even knowing.....just think if I get the opportunity to hear you speak in 

Thanks for the inspiration that you didn't even know you were a part of 
until now!!!!!!!!! Have a super trip and I wish you were coming to Euless 
Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! S.R.

* * * * * * *

Thursday, May 09, 2002 8:32 AM

I just learned of your escapade. Congratulations on having the motivation and courage to undertake such a great experience.

I too have a topless car but haven't yet ventured cross country.
I'll check your site everyday to monitor your progress.

Way to go!!

* * * * * * *

Alyce says: This is a great story.  Susan somehow found www.GoingTopless.info and wrote to me what she called "Inspiration by Proxy."  She had applied to a university and was turned down but said she was so inspired by Alyce's trip that she gathered her courage and confronted the university and was subsequently ACCEPTED!  She was thrilled and everybody is happy and thrilled for her.  Here's her latest installment and we wish her the VERY BEST.  Go, girl!!!

Friday, May 10, 2002 1:55 PM

Hello, hello, hello!!!!
     I am just as thrilled about getting into the University.  I told my 
husband that I certainly didn't mind sharing my story, I was excited about 
it but that I wasn't too keen on the picture idea, I am certainly no beauty 
queen.  Then I said, What would Alyce do!!!! She would say...What the 
heck....who cares.....Hee hee hee...Sooooooo.  I am going to have my 
daughter take a photo of me in front of the University with two signs.  One 
that says I made it and the other that says thank you Alyce!!!! It will be a 
long haul and hard work but I'm on my way.  tonight we are celebrating my 
husband 50th birthday. He went back to school 2 years ago and made a career 
change after being layed off from Texas Instruments, following 21 years of 
employment.  I am proud of him and he is good at envouraging me too.


If you've been inspired by Alyce's adventure feel encouraged to write to her at:



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