Travel Log - !!! Atlantic City !!!
From Pacific City to Atlantic City 4/30

She made it!

New Jersey:  April 30 - May 1, 2002
The strongest winds yet were on Highway 55 getting across New Jersey to Vineland and Cape May.  Stopped at Cumberland Community College to check up on my wordsmithing buddy John Adair who made a joke about Seno getting a blow job in New Jersey (reference to WIND currents, folks).  John is up for College Teacher of the Universe and please so vote for him because he is the dearest thing but has spent a lifetime creating a personna of a curmudgeon.  What a failure!  He is precious beyond belief and I've run into people who has said so who weren't even being paid.

Checked into the #2 rated B&B in the country in Cape May, New Jersey and awake at 2 a.m. and looked out my 3rd story window of this gorgeous Victorian mansion at the sea (across the street) with a near-full moon painting with silver.  Raspberry french toast and I was on my way again. 

ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey!  A goal met!!!! I delivered the Pacific City, Oregon postcards to the Chamber of Commerce office in Atlantic City -- so somebody please tell the wonderful and generous businesses in Pacific City that mission has been accomplished. 

I cruised both Atlantic and Pacific Boulevards and headed out again.  A city bus driver pulled up next to me and asked, "How fast will it go?"  I asked, "Want to drag?"  He said, "Sure!" so we pretended to drag race down Atlantic Avenue with people on the streets giving thumbs ups!  (My little car could probably win a drag race only with a riding lawn mower!)  Everyone in Atlantic City seemed to be in a party mood and I want to extend a special thanks to Vincent Brown of the police department there for helping me keep the car safe and getting me to the C of C offices.  What a sweet fella!

You don't pump your own gas in New Jersey (just like Oregon)--very civilized.  My vote for BEST GAS STATION so far is the Texaco on Highway 30 leaving Atlantic City.  The attendants even wore uniforms just like in the old days of Uncle Miltie!

Met a cardiologist and a cop in New Jersey and I hope they follow up with Dale Matthews and check out his web site for a great place to buy old cars.  See here: Matthews Memory Lane Motors in Portland, Oregon.

After an eyeopening cruise through both South and North Trenton, New Jersey, I headed north and made it as far as Somerville when I was totally washed out. Construction mud, instant dark, buckets of water until I didn't think I could make it another mile.  A miracle delivered a motel; I stopped. 

New York, May 2, 2002:
Next morning, clear blue sky I made it all the way to my friend Irving's house in Chestnut Hill, New York.  Irving is an old Oxford chum of mine and he wasted no time getting me back into a car and downtown Manhattan for lunch at a great French restaurant where he saw Woody Allen. Irving drove his car--he said that Seno would cause riots on NYC streets.    Walked thru Central Park and went to the roof top garden of the Metropolitan Museum of Art--check it out:  a big red trowel is up there and a 16-foot safety pin and some blueberry pie.  Why not peach or cherry?  It's art. 

I had NO IDEA when I started this trip that I'd be having cappucino with Irving in NYC.  Last time we had cappucino was High Street in Oxford!

If the weather permits I'll be east and north bound in the morning.  My right ankle and both hands have nearly returned to normal after so many vibrating miles.  I am getting by with a LOT of help from my friends!

At the end of the beach front street, here is Seno with the famous Cape May lighthouse in the distance. (New Jersey) Across the street from the Atlantic Ocean, the Peter Shield's Inn where we stayed, met interesting folks at afternoon tea and took turns taking photos at breakfast.


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