Travel Log - Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine
Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine:  May 4

Well, they're small states, Seno just gobbled them up.  The wind had died down a bit and so have my nerves.  I had the in-room coffee and the cornbread sticks and left Sturbridge.  Now I've toured there before so those of you who are cringing say, "Oh, my goodness, she hasn't seen all the wonderful historic stuff there!"  Relax.  A person could spend an entire two week vacation in the Sturbridge area and have a lovely time especially if they're into OLD stuff.

I enjoyed the leisurely trip along Highway 20 past the B&B's, nail boutiques, auto parts stores, Linda's Best Breakfasts and Gracie's fine dining and then opted for I-495 to take me the quickest route to New Hampshire.  I was chomping at the bits to see more ocean.  What a great day for it!  I just can't make any adjustment in the weather today--magnificent! 

Maine, the way life should be.  That's their motto.  I didn't give it to them but if they didn't already think of it, I'd say that about Maine.  I've been dreaming of driving Seno here for the last 18 months.  I wheeled into Ogunquit and down the lane to Perkins Cove and right up to Jackie's for a crabmeat sandwich. 

Seno was probably glad to get rid of me for awhile.  I got to rehydrate with iced tea and gaze at the sea while he cooled his little 57 horses in the parking lot.  Martin and Jennifer were graciously curious about the purple roadster and we had a fine old time in the parking lot.  You'll see their photo here at this site soon.  Martin was kind enough to find a place for me to stay where Seno will be snug and safe.  And I will be in the lap of quaintness--I have an upstairs bedroom with a white balcony and view of the street that connects with the downtown area.  Downtown Ogunquit looks like a scene put together by Norman Rockwell.  Baby carriages, stuffed toy lobsters, embroidered T-shirts, sweet store fronts and everybody off to walk on the beach.  This is the ultimate for me.  I can't GO any further east and I think I won't go any further north.  I am running short of days and wind/rain is slowing my progress so I'm making a smaller loop of New England than I planned. 

My little Alyce heart has a sore spot in it because I won't get to see Irene in Orono.  She's preggers and going to be the best mamma in Maine.

Saw this big sign today:  Lobster roll.  OK, now if you roll a lobster I can't imagine they'd have much money.  Probably wouldn't be worth it. 

Ogunquit ("Beautiful Place by the Sea") on the coast of Maine is proud of their unique and highly crafted signage. Jennifer wearing Seno purple and Martin on the beach at Perkins Cove (restaurant: Jackie's), directed me to . . .
The Nellie Littlefield Bed & Breakfast -- home for tow great restful days! The unblemished sand on Ogunquit's beach with my message of gratitude.
Kitty Carlisle the working cat at the Ogunquit Camera Shop -- this charming feline has her own business card. Thanks to the 2 bright women who handle things there, Seno made the local news.
There's lobster in abundance -- they'll take over if you let them. It's for sale down at the Cove -- shall we buy it and move in?
Sunday morning in downtown Ogunquit.
Maine, the way life should be.
Moose on the loose -- Maine humor.
Did the lighthouse sink?
Stuart Nudelman, York County Coast reporter, took this photo then took us out for butter pecan ice cream at Marguerite's
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