Travel Log - Oregon/Idaho
Backed out of my garage 5:25 am Thursday, April 11 headed up the Columbia Gorge in a dark rain.  Lighten to a luminescent pearl grey--like driving in heaven.  Unexpected and much appreciated reception at the Columbia Gorge Hotel but LuAnn doesn't know howto do anything short of first class.  Channel 6 Ray Summers there with handsome camera man, Hood River news guy and local Red Hatters who woke up early to see me off!  One gave me a little purple lizard--my only passenger--who is full of beans and goes limp (more about that later).

Sun was out and it was clear by Biggs Junction and everything running well so I shot past Pendleton and up the long, winding "trucker's nightmare"known as Cabbage Hill.  Hit snow Baker, saw lots of it but didn't feel cold.  Got the good gear.  Made it all the way to Twin Falls the first day--and looked a LOT like that little lizard when I arrived.



The T-shirt: bought in Key West @ Mel Fisher's Museum "Today's the Day" is the telegram he sent to his crew who helped find the Atocha, Spanish sunken ship. Saved this shirt for just this occassion. OK, we're as ready as we'll ever be!  Let's roll.
Red Hatters get up too early April 11th to say "so long" to Alyce @ the Columbia Gorge Hotel. Channel 6 KOIN camera man gets his own medicine -- now he's on film!
Ray Summers braved the rain to cover the story for KOIN news. Various ways of traveling -- roadster preferred (Baker, OR)
You meet some interesting folk on the road --this guy outside auto parts store in Baker - replaced gas cap on roadster.
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