Travel Log - Nebraska
I love America but there are some parts of its highways where litter is a welcome visual break.  For all those people who thought I was crazy for taking this trip "so early in the year" or "you're going a southern route, right?" I have this NEWS flash:  record-breaking 86 degree dry, awful heat all across Nebraska. 

Spent several cool hours enjoying the miniature Smithsonian in Minden called Pioneer Village.  Acres, buildings and collections of everything imaginable!  Drug yourself and get to Nebraska, then come to and see this place. I got to inspect a sod house,something I've always wanted to do because my grandmother taught school in such a structure.  Walls must be nearly 3 feet thick and the inside is surprisingly finished off with pure white.  Cool inside too. It was actually lovely.  Over 300 cars here and Howard wanted to see every one of them.

Back on I-80 where only the loudest rock and roll on the CD deck could distract me from the burning heat.

April 15: awoke in Room 137 America Inn in Council Bluffs, Iowa just over the river from Nebraska.  Needed psychologically to be in a different state today.

I am attempting to work this blasted coin operated internet machine at this truck stop--it has keys sticky with beef jerky and smells of cigarettes.  Have learned that most of what you need is supplied by Mother Road if you will pay attention.  Free at McDonald's is mayonnaise that makes a good moisturizer and a paste of sugar and honey is a great exfoliant. Lose your eye shadow--just rub your finger on a truck tire and smudge it on.  Advice like this and much more, get your own copy of the Bad Girls Guide to the Open Road (Amazon). This bad girl is way late getting started today and I'm paying by the minute here and half the keys stick,never the same ones, so forgive the goofs in typing.

On Income Tax Day I am headed east across Iowa!  Best wished to ya'll in Oregon where I miss the cool rain, believe it or not!


Lovely Nebraska flower -- I'm a fan!


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