Travel Log - Iowa/Illinois
So take a 2 minute detour off I-80 in Des Moines, Iowa and go to Todd's on N. E. 14th and you can buy French Toast mix, EGGNOG flavor, for only $2 a jar!!!!  Say HI to Alissa there who helped me locate a 1-hour photo place and the library.  She is the reason I got yesterday's photos and info to this site and I thank her HEAPS!

There's a GREAT book sale going on at the Des Moines library at about 5th and Euclid.  Had to hold myself in check but bought at least 6 books.  Wanted to take them all and the sweet librarians there said that I could take them too!  Hard bound books $1.  Didn't see any of my old titles there!

Smiley face is painted on the water tower at Adair, Iowa.  Check out things like this at www.roadsideamerica.com where I find this valuable information.  Did not see ONE black squirrel in Council Bluffs, Iowa but they claim to have them there.  Maybe I can find the white squirrels in Olney, Illinois.  No, I'm not going there but I love squirrels and miss the little rodents that play around my house.

Take a heavy iron hammer and hit yourself in the thumb with it, transfer the pain to your forehead--that's what wearing my helmet feels like.  Gotta do something about this thing.  Having to switch to my leather helmet because the hardshell is TOO hard.  Joy paid $700 for her helmet.  Do I have to pay that much for a comfortable one?????   Argh.

Met John Engstrom in Princeton, Illinois who demonstrated his fantastic eye glasses for me--made by Porsche which I suspect are not available from WalMart.  He seems like a cool guy so if you live in Illinois and need a sun room built, look him up.  His wife is a championship horse person of Olympic proportions.  You meet the most amazing people on the road.

And some of them you wish you had never crossed paths with.  I refer you to the robbery that occured this morning.  No, I am NOT kidding.  I was robbed.  I'm OK, the car is OK.  Motel manager found my ATM card and one of my credit cards in his very messy dumpster.  I am shaken but not stirred.  (Sorry, saw a James Bond movie on cable last night...)  Seriously after about 20 long distance phone calls and a bunch of b.s. you don't want to know about, I have righted this capcizing and I don't have too terribly many good words for the Western Union station in Princeton.  Don't know how this is going to affect the whole trip.  We'll see.  Have to press on to Chicago for a speaking engagement there, then I'll take stock.  This may be the shortest road trip you've ever followed!

Central casting could not have sent two more perfect cops--Sergeant Barry Portman and Officer Scott Underwood. I'll have Portman's picture for you later, I hope.   Sense of humor, in control, you'd want either one of them for a son, I'm sure. 

Just when I was contemplating my turn of misfortune (even lost my appetite--can you believe it?  great diet:  get robbed),  I happened to see the local paper, the type coming thru the little window and I read this headline:  POLICE FIND BABY LEFT ON ROADSIDE.

Look, folks, I don't HAVE a problem today and neither do you. Alyce from the library in downtown Princeton the most perfect little picturesque village of 7,000 that you could possibly imagine--no sarcasm here now.  The precious town could have been constructed by Universal Studios for Mickey Rooney and "my dad's got a barn!" movies.  BTW: plastic lawn flamingos are on sale at the feed store by the railroad tracks in Princeton!!!


Is love of roadster life hereditary?  Grand kid
Gracie hits the back roads of Ladd's Addition.
Goggles in all sizes for all people!


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