Travel Log - Princeton/Chicago
Princeton/Chicago, April 17
For those of you wondering how the baby story turned out--Baby John is fine and bubbling and laughing despite being abandoned on a highway in his car seat by his 34-year old mother.  This act, in Illinois, is called a Class A misdemeanor.  If you steal more than $500 from someone, however, it's a felony.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?  (Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system...)

Princeton, Illinois really is an amazing little town.  150 years ago 7,300 people lived here.  Today, 7,200 people live here, according to Mike, the banker I met at the town square library.  To see all the antique stores in Princeton would take several days.  Now hang onto your hats--this will be the most shocking discoveries I have made on this trip--ready?  Not only is there angle parking in the downtown area but the parking meters take PENNIES.  Remember those little round coin thingys?  They'll get you 12 minutes of parking in downtown Princeton. 

Checked in at Allen Lumber and met a 3-legged cat named Salem who is the designated meeter/greeter and does a fine job.  Squirmed and lolled around being a super spirit and telling me--see, despite missing something (in your case, Alyce, CASH) they don't take your spirit.

OK, so now I've made it all the way to Chicago and I am enjoying the air-conditioned library in Berwyn.  Friday I am supposed to drive the roadster into downtown and show up at the hotel where I have two speaking engagements.  Wish me luck.  I'm going to need every bit I can muster.

Love to you all!!!

Main St (aka Princeton) U.S.A.  Angle parking and just enough stoplights to maitain order and not be irritating. Photographic proof!  One penny gets you 12 minutes of parking in downtown Princeton, and if the meter expires, you are in real trouble -- the fine is $1.00
The library across from the town square where ... the Red Hat Society hangs their hats.  Next time they get together they will find one of Alyce's business cards tucked in the top of one of their hats.
Pretty hefty war memorial in the center of the town square -- Elegant wings! Sergeant Barry Portman, Princeton Police Department arrives to investigate the robbery while Alyce askes, "NOW what?"


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