Travel Log - Chicago (Berwyn)
Chicago (Berwyn):  April 18
GREAT day in the Chicago area!  Bunnies are all over Berwyn, nice touch, very homey.  The shopping area up the street has a big spike and several cars impaled on it, then a car flatten on a wall.  Not sure what the message is--sort of a love/hate thing with the automobile.

Haven't got time (the library is closing) to tell you all the amazing things my friend, (Chicagoan) Peter Morrison, has done and is interested in doing!  I met this Polish firecracker while we were both taking classes at Oxford (England) last August.  He and I lunched at Klas on Cermack and learned about fencing and bees and language and how to say "Grandmother" in Polish.  If you should be travelling between Chicago and South Carolina and find a guy asleep in a rest stop with a parrot asleep on his chest--it will be Peter on his way to a blue grass fiddlers' festival!  We had a great old time flooding each other with our travel stories while cutting through big white dumplings and dill sauce.

Tomorrow morning is going to be a trip BIGGIE.  I get to get into the roadster and attempt to drive it into downtown Chicago.  Even when I lived in Evanston for 2 years I never attempted this.  Always took the El or somebody else drove.  I PRAY for a cooler morning and I'll be equipped with a bottle of Rescue Remedy--that's a Bach flower tincture that aids in staying composed.   Can you picture Seno on State Street?  I hope I get some sleep tonight.  I'm tellin' ya folks, this is going to be one major challenge.  This will be the ONLY big city driving I'll do this entire trip:  RED HAT SOCIETY CONVENTION, here I come!


Peter Morrison, world traveler and lover of Greek and Latin, checks out the car before lunch in Cicero (Chicago).  Peter, you need a car like this!
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